Your own private 
oasis at work

Malaysia’s own assemble-friendly 
phone booth for the open office
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Skip pricey office renovations

With social distancing on everyone's minds, it's now more important than ever to take personal space seriously.


Thanks to dense acoustic panelling, outside noise is reduced by 80% so you can make your calls with ease.

Adjustable table

Change the height to fit all workflows (up to 120cm) Standing is great for better posture and focus

Centralized Power

One switch is all it takes to turn on the lights, power socket, USB ports and ventilation.



Say goodbye to soaring aircon bills. Silent dual-fan ventilation pulls in fresh air and eliminates stale air to keep you cool inside. 

Tempered Glass

Fog-proof to let sunlight in & durable to withstand delivery bumps & scratches.

Soft Closure

Say no to door slam scares. A soft magnetic closure ensures a noiseless close

Get Up Close

PERFECT Size for one

This 10 sq. ft. focus room is just right for small to medium-sized offices, and your own company of course. Fit it into any corner of your office.

No-BuLK Design

Our acoustic panelling is the densest in the market (at 8mm thick) so the noise from outside is muffled during your Zoom meetings. Did we mention it’s made of 90% recycled plastic bottles?

Power Outlets

Skip the bulky power strips. Our booths are equipped with 1 universal socket and 2 USB ports so your devices stay juiced.


Industrial theme? Scandinavian finishes?  The customization possibilities are endless with our collaboration with Maica laminates. 

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Heroes of Digital

“What a great addition to the office space! We didn’t think about how useful this was until we had it in the office."
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Forefront International

"These bring something special... I highly recommend anybody who wants low-cost office solutions consider these."
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"We are genuinely happy to see the organic output and glad all is fantastic at the end of the day!"
Purchased 2 Enbooths

With the help of a friend, your booth can be ready in an hour

How to Order

It's pretty easy, tell us directly and we'll guide you through the rest



Book a showroom viewing or let us know directly how many you'd like by clicking Begin Order or the Whatsapp Icon at the bottom right.



Our team will help you customize the booth with your desired colors. You can also choose our signature powder white design.



Sit back and relax while our team sends it and assembles it for you. 

Money Back Guaranteed

Try it for 30 days and if you're not satisfied, it's okay to change your mind! We will take care of returns and disassembly for you, with full return of your payment. Contact us for full details.

Workspaces in focus

Offices all over Malaysia who've made room for themselves


For factory defects


For hassle-free shipments


Hotline open 10am-6pm 

Frequently Asked Questions

Order Details & Product Information

What should I do if I want to order?
You can either Whatsapp us directly at our hotline, order directly through our Chat, or send an enquiry below. Our customer care team will ensure your booth is ordered to tip-top quality every step of the way. 
How soundproof is the Enbooth?
The inside of an Enbooth is 20 decibels quieter. It has dense layers of acoustic panelling and rockwool to muffle noise and distraction. Users will still hear the muffled noise from outside but people outside won't be able to hear your private conversations and confidential calls.
How long will it take to complete my booth?

It takes about 14 working days for construction & delivery for a single standard booth, and up to 20 working days for customized booths. All booths are made to order and made by skilled local Malaysian carpenters.

I would like to customize the booth colours, is that possible?

Yes! We provide hundreds of premium laminate finishes from Maica for your interior design goals. Simply reach out to us for the catalogue to begin your customization process. We will guide you.

Warranty & refunds?

Every unit of Enbooth comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects, and is subject to the following terms:
Validity: This limited warranty will be valid for one (1) year only, starting from the date of purchase. Please keep the original receipt as proof of purchase.
Coverage: This limited warranty will cover any defect related to workmanship and materials on all main parts of the booth. However, this limited warranty does not apply to booths that have been incorrectly and inappropriately stored, handled and assembled. In addition, this limited warranty will not cover scratches and damages caused by impacts and accidents, and will not apply to booths that have been placed outdoors or exposed to humidity and heat. In the case of defects, the booth will firstly be examined by our team. A decision will then be made at our sole discretion if the aforementioned defects will be covered under this limited warranty. If the product is covered by this limited warranty, we will either replace the defective booth, or bear the costs incurred for repair, labor, spare parts, as well as commute. We will remain to be the rightful decision maker and at our sole discretion, determine what constitutes the necessary replacement for a defective booth.
Refunds: It's okay to change your mind within the 30-day period from the booth's arrival at your address. If there are damages and scratches caused by impacts and accidents according to the details in the coverage, the security deposit will be forfeited. We will remain to be the rightful decision maker and at our sole discretion, determine what constitutes the necessary reason for refunding the booth.

Instalment plans or partial payments available?
Currently we do not offer instalment plans or partial payments. We do however have a 30-day Trial Plan for those who wish to test the booth before purchasing. This includes a security deposit to safeguard against any potential damages within the 30-day trial period. This amount will be forfeited if for any reason the customer wants to return a booth with damages and scratches. The security deposit will not be forfeited if the booth is returned in pristine condition.
What if I need to repair my Enbooth?
We offer a one year warranty for factory defects for every unit, we cover the full cost of repairs within the warranty period. Once the warranty period ends, just reach out to us if you need any assitance and we will be able to help you.
How does the ventilation system work?
Fresh air is constantly circulated in the Enbooth via the ventilation grate located at the floor of the booth. As hot air rises in the space when occupied, it is then funneled out via the dual-fan located at the top of the booth. Ensuring perfect airflow for deep focus work.

Delivery & Assembly

Do you deliver to East Malaysia?
Yes we do! There are delivery fees incurred for shipments to addresses to East Malaysia. Do allow a grace period of 3-4 weeks if you choose sea freight as your shipping fulfillment.
Do you deliver outside Malaysia?

Currently we support shipments to Brunei & Singapore and are working to expand coverage! However the shipping fees vary according to your order and business needs and country. Do reach out to us directly if you are not from any of these countries and we'll work to find a solution that works for you. 

Do you offer assembly outside Klang Valley?
Yes, we do! However, assembly charges apply. Contact our team for more information.
I need help assembling my booth

We have a customer hotline (+603-6413 6671) dedicated to answering your assembly needs. Whatsapp the business number for assistance. Operation hours are 10am-6pm on Monday to Friday. Expect delays in replies for messages sent outside those hours.

I need help disassembling my booth
Whether it's to move it to another part of the office, move offices, or just repack it for storage, you can arrange for our assembly team to help you out at a fee, or do it yourself with the help of our customer care hotline or video tutorial. 

Not sure if it's right for you? Contact us for more details 

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