How To Choose The Best Standing Desk In Malaysia

With so many options of motorized sit stand desks that are out there in the market in Malaysia. How do you make an informed decision as a consumer?


A good sit stand desk gives you the freedom and liberty to work while enhancing your work quality. Modern offices and home offices are now driving productivity with new-age furniture and high-tech accessories. Making the new normal work for you in terms of getting your job done, might require small tweaks to change your environment and encourage healthy work practices.

Employees globally have no choice but to make working from home feasible as the pandemic looms on in the background. This often has been under highly challenging circumstances which can take a toll on the mind and body. Sit-stand desks have been in the market for a while now but the demand has increased tenfold over the past year. With new models and features debuting every other month. Amidst all this noise, how do you as a consumer choose a sit-stand desk that is suitable for you?

Dual or Single Motor System?

When researching standing desk, you may hear these terms often. In a nutshell, the single motor and dual motor system have a stark difference. Which is in the speed of the height transitions and the smoothness of the rise and fall of the desk as you're adjusting it. Ask yourself if a stable desk is what your setup requires. The answer is almost always yes, so that should clear up any doubts about the motor system you should choose.

Height Range

Not all desks are created equal. If people are sharing the sit-stand desk then it’s best to find a desk with a large range. As people come in so many shapes, sizes and heights; the desk you choose should reflect the height of those using. But as always, a higher range means that you will get the most use out of your standing desk.

Weight Capacity

Your set up matters. Will you have a clunky monitor on the desk? Then perhaps opt for a desk that has a higher load capacity. If your set-up is simple and only includes a monitor, then you can choose a different one that fits your needs.


Are you more of a minimalist or do you like something more utilitarian? Aesthetics and style matters, as the standing desk you will be selecting will be the centerpiece of your work set up. A piece of furniture that you will be making use of almost daily, so choose one that speaks to your personal tastes but will also blend in well with your existing furniture.

Price Range

This is an important factor, perhaps THE most important factor of all when selecting a standing desk. Not everyone is able to afford a desk that costs thousands of ringgit. So keep your budget in mind when making your purchase, while also weighing out the other points listed.

When selecting an adjustable height desk, it’s imperative that you consider all the options and thoughtfully evaluate how you will you use it. Do you have pre-existing medical conditions that require you to stay mobile?

But at the end of the day, it all boils down to ergonomics. To make sure that you are working in the most optimum way for your body and overall wellbeing.  Standing all day is just as harmful as sitting all day, so stay agile and keep moving.

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